Optimizing Resource Loading with RichFaces 4.2

February 9, 2012

HTTP connection is an expensive commodity. But if you will look on a traditional rich JSF application, there are many resources for components which need to be loaded, thus many connections need to be established...

4 simple steps for RichFaces Push with 4.2

February 8, 2012

RichFaces Push is a pretty useful component, since it enables you do a server-side push technique (pushing content from a server to a client asynchronously). What makes this component so attractive when there are plenty of other ways to achieve this? RichFaces is enabling application developers to build on top of push without any additional complexity...

Improvements of RichFaces Editor in Milestone2

September 20, 2011

I have blogged about RichFaces Editor component recently which has been available since RichFaces 4.1.0.Milestone1. In scope of Milestone2, Editor has been improved with several pretty new and cool features:@lang – support for localization@config – fine-grained configuration@ondirty – event handler for live changes in editor’s content@skin – switches between CKEditor skinscreated new skin ‘richfaces’resource optimization (editor does not load any unnecessary resources) Skinnability rich:editor now bundles ‘richfaces’ skin for CKEditor, which makes it’s appearance close to other components from RichFaces suite, including all of controls and popups...

1-day conference in Vienna - Slides and Wrap up

September 20, 2011

Last event I have attended was a great success. I have made two talks there for which I would like to share slides with you:RichFaces 4 rolling to Mobile Era (Slides | Lanyard)Testing JSF with Arquillian and Selenium (Slides | Lanyard)I had got very valuable feedback from attendees on both sessions, thank you!..

Talking on RichFaces@mobiles and on JSF testing in Vienna

August 31, 2011

I would like to invite you on JSF and RichFaces workshop UNIQA held at September 7-9th in Vienna, Austria. While first two days will be Max Katz covering thoroughly JSF and RichFaces, last conference day will be dedicated to topics related to RichFaces...

Push Improvements in RichFaces 4.1

August 18, 2011

The lot of improvements has been done in 4.1.0.Milestone1 and specifically Push component has been tweaked a much under the hood. Push component itself is very important for interactive enterprise applications and we are trying to design its API as much clean as possible...

Editor for RichFaces 4.1

August 15, 2011

You have been requesting and we now answer: RichFaces gets pretty new Editor component, which was lacking from 4.0.0.Final release. This component can be found in upcoming 4.1.0.Milestone1 release and is mostly feature complete with exception of skinning which will fit to rest of component suite – this functionality is targeted for Milestone 2...