Thank all participants for contributing to discussions on Arquillian HackFest!

The 10 people has attended and shared their ideas on selected topics,
and others came to see us on video stream and IRC channel!

The initial idea for this Hackfest has arisen when we were discussing the topics we would like to cover in conference days, just after Arquillian SPI talk from Aslak.

Although we wasn’t able to cover all declared topics,
we focused on the ones which were most related to incoming Arquillians,
the notes and white-boards can be find here:

Future: GWT

Future: JavaScript

Future: Performance testing

Future: JSFUnit.NG
( no notes here, it was really short session – after Arquillian SPI talks, it didn’t left much more to discuss – thanks Aslak! )

It was pleasure to see so much ideas flowing,* let’s grab them and equip Ike with even more mighty weapons* for fighting with bugs. ;-)

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