Last week, I have been in Austria at ConFess conference.

From my perspective, the conference underwent two significant changes: the venue was moved to Leogang, Austria and at second I was speaking there. :-)

For the first point, I really loved the place – I’m the big fan of hiking and alpinism, so I really enjoyed the moments when we were discussing outside the conference rooms, breathing the fresh air and admiring the beauties of surrounding nature.

At second it was really pleasure to speak at ConFess, as it is the first conference where I’ve ever been, and I like returning there.

My first talk was about latest movements in world of HTML5, what developers needs to consider and how JSF and RichFaces fit that story.

Second talk was structured as comprehensive guide to designing test suites for Java EE applications. I have revealed some of latest movements at planet Arquillian (like JSFUnit.NG or JRebel extension).

Thanks to Jan Papousek who captured the photo.

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