If you are an open-source hacker and you love technologies based on Java Virtual Machine, don’t miss an opportunity to hack on some your ideas or join others in building something interesting in this small hackfest we organize a third year in a row on Developer Conference in Brno.


We got a distinguished hackfest room from 15:50 to …​ (to the time we need, but the party starts 19:45 ;-) ).


No organization!

Let’s come with your ideas in mind and we will all try hard to give them a live together!

Entry Level

There is no prior expertise needed, the hackfest is targeted on everyone who wants to contribute and might not even know yet how to get there.


Everyone will be able to find something what he can contribute to, and together we can achieve given goals more easily.


Let’s do not collect ideas beforehand - we will write them down to the whiteboard instead. You can still reach me at @lfryc or during the conference if you have some questions.

My personal wishes are: extending test coverage of the Java EE 7 samples with Juraj Huska, adding cool new Arquillian feature or maybe cracking some Ceylon/JavaScript with Tomas Hradec? Who knows, it will be fun …​ :-)

We are all eagerly looking forward to the event, so don’t hesitate! Come join us!

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