Developer Conference will be held in Brno in just under two weeks. Since it will highly increase the concentration of hackers and people who are fond of open source, we leverage this fantastic opportunity to organize a hackfest!

Last year we organized a hackfest with a focus on testing and the event was very successful.

This year we are opening the hackfest to all projects and ideas related to Java and JVM languages (groovy, scala, clojure, ceylon, jruby, javascript, …), frameworks or tools.


The hackfest will take place Februry 23-24th (conference days), close to the conference rooms and labs, in meeting room B431 (pavilion B, 4th floor).

Watch the Event

If you are not able to come, you can watch the event with Twitter hashtag #hackdevconf. We cover there latest happenings.


The event is on the official conference schedule:

We extend the hackfest to go beyond the conference schedule and will continue hacking on Monday 25th at the Red Hat Office in Brno.

Hackers & Mentors

  • Would you like to hack on some cool new features for your project?
  • Do you have ideas that deserve to be pushed further?
  • Do you love working with code and interesting projects?

There will be plenty of people willing to hack with you and give life to interesting ideas.



At the start of the hackfest (Saturday 12:30) we will collect and review the proposed ideas. You can propose new ideas on the spot, so don’t worry if you didn’t get a chance to blog about it upfront.

Then we will do a quick vote in order to estimate the interest in a particular projects/idea.

After separating the hackers into groups, we will dive down into the code.

Finish & Summary

When finished, we will summarize each project’s achievements – the project development can finish during the event or, preferably, at the end of each day.

Collecting Ideas

In order to publicize your idea, you can either write a blog or you can submit it using this form.

If you have more than one idea to propose or you want to track many ideas for a particular project, you can write a wiki article to track them all in one place.

All ideas submitted before the start of the event will be collected on this page.

Keep in mind that we will be showing off the hacks we have done during the day / conference to the other hackers. So try to limit the scope of the idea to something that can be coded and be up and running within the given time. (We’re not looking for perfection, but if it compiles at the end of the day you get bonus points ;)

Links to collected ideas

(collection in progress)

Confirmed Mentors

Name Role Project
Aslak Knutsen Project Lead Arquillian
Christian Sadilek Core Dev Errai
Dan Allen Community Lead Arquillian
Karel Piwko QE Lead Web Framework Kit
Lukas Fryc Core Dev RichFaces, Arquillian
Marek Schmidt QE Lead Seam


The hackfest will be held near the conference, so feel free to move around between interesting talks or labs and the hackfest – but coordinate with your teammates to avoid confusion and loss of valuable hacktime.

We will have access to the internet, a projector, a chart, a big table and two small tables, some refreshments, etc.

We’re all eagerly looking forward to the event, so don’t hesitate! Come join us!

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