Full-Fledged Debugging for Mobile Browsers

April 4, 2012

A debugging of desktop applications is very common task in the world of web development. We might say the tooling here is highly developed and you can find everything you require and pretty easily...

Incredibly Fast JSF Component Development

March 29, 2012

Why is a JSF components development so painful? It would be really great if I could develop full-blown JSF components wrapping some JavaScript UI widget as fast as I’m developing plain HTML, wouldn’t it? Just two words: fast turnaround! Every tool and every framework which tries to simplify a process should have a strategy to allow a fast turnaround...

Goodbye, Ajocado - Welcome, Graphene!

March 19, 2012

Goodbye, Ajocado Wait, the Ajocado project is not leaving us! It is just undergoing rename...

Great times at JDC 2012, Egypt

March 13, 2012

I’m finally back from Cairo, where I was invited as speaker on Java Developer Conference 2012. If I should think of just one word explaining the conference, I would need to say: a passion...

Speaking at JDC'12 in Cairo, Egypt

March 5, 2012

I’m speaking at JAVA Developer Conference 2012 held at March 9-10th in Cairo, Egypt. I will give there 3 talks on my favorite topics: a web development with JBoss technologies and a testing...

Wrap-up: Arquillian Hackfest @ Developer Conference 2012 Brno

February 24, 2012

Thank all participants for contributing to discussions on Arquillian HackFest! The 10 people has attended and shared their ideas on selected topics, and others came to see us on video stream and IRC channel!..

Re-routing JSF resource requests with RichFaces Resource Mapping

February 13, 2012

RichFaces resource mapping can save your life when you need to serve a different resource (JS, CSS, image) file than the one originally requested. It works in the stage of determination of the resource request path...