I’m speaking at JAVA Developer Conference 2012 held at March 9-10th in Cairo, Egypt.

I will give there 3 talks on my favorite topics: a web development with JBoss technologies and a testing.

The Gear You Need To Go Mobile With Java Enterprise

In the first talk, I’m going to cover what could the Java enterprise offer you in days of a rising mobile platform.

A Rapid JSF Component Development with RichFaces CDK

The second talk introduces RichFaces Component Development Kit as the tool to cover the space where JSF2 falls short – custom component development.

Arquillian: Effective Tests from the Client to the Server

The last talk is about the latest movements in the space of a testing revolution started when Arquillian decided to save the earth. I will focus specifically on testing an integration of the client and the server.

My JBoss fellow, Koen Aers, will be also presenting there and he covers lot of interesting stuff: JBoss Tools,* Forge *and** Arquillian** (yeah, Ike invades Egypt!). Let’s checkout his and other sessions.

The event haven’t started yet, but it’s already looking like great event, I’m looking forward to see you there!

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