I have blogged about RichFaces Editor component recently which has been available since RichFaces 4.1.0.Milestone1.

In scope of Milestone2, Editor has been improved with several pretty new and cool features:
  • @lang – support for localization
  • @config – fine-grained configuration
  • @ondirty – event handler for live changes in editor’s content
  • @skin – switches between CKEditor skins
  • created new skin ‘richfaces’
  • resource optimization (editor does not load any unnecessary resources)


rich:editor now bundles ‘richfaces’ skin for CKEditor, which makes it’s appearance close to other components from RichFaces suite, including all of controls and popups.

You can still switch to other skins available in default distribution of CKEditor (kama, v2 and office2003) with @skin attribute or you can download and use any other skin.


Most valuable for customization of Editor is @config attribute which provides fine-grained configuration of editor. Alternatively, you can use facet with name “config”, which is even better for detailed customization.

With this facility, you can configure anything what is possible in CKEditor and you are do it in same way like default CKEditor do, just checkout developer sample. For all available options, you can consult CKEditor’s configuration documentation.

@config attribute is certainly able to expand EL expressions, so you can made your editor configuration dynamic.


Another feature which makes CKEditor integration unique is “dirty” event (@ondirty event handler) which is fired when you change editor content with any available action.

Using this flag, you can easily implement auto-saving (with queue attached) or update periodically display of another client with edited value.

Enjoy the tweaked implementation and let us know on RichFaces forums!

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