I’m finally back from Cairo, where I was invited as speaker on Java Developer Conference 2012.

If I should think of just one word explaining the conference, I would need to say: a passion.

You could seen the passion from everywhere: discussions, an audience, follow-up questions, organizers.

As I have written in last post, I had three sessions there – you can read more about them or view the slides at Lanyard:

The only what would I change is timing of sessions, because then me and Koen’s session had not conflict and Arquillian would take even more attention.

I have spent lot of time in the JBoss booth and the venue, discussing precious projects!

After the conference closing, the good beer and the nice mood over the discussion about various, mainly JBoss-related and philosophical questions with Koen made my Sunday’s waking up really hectic – I arranged the trip over the pyramids for 9:00. Although the clock in the room was showing 6:25, it was nearly 9:30.

But the morning’s difficulties were quickly shaded with all the great views on pyramids – there were so nice and as Koen expressed it exactly: mind-blowing. I really need to give another thanks to the our tour guide – Mahmud for taking us all – me, Jonaas and Richard – to the pyramids.

At overall, I would be really happy to speak at JDC again next year as well as discover other beauties of Egypt!

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